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So you'd like to apply to come and join us in the mountains?  That's great! We're glad to meet you and look forward to hearing why this experience is perfect for you and where you're at. There is no cost to you once you are in Cape Town, so this is open to everyone across the country, you just need to get yourself to Cape Town.

To apply, all you need is to do so online, or click to see the PDF form where you can then WhatsApp us your application. Or, if you prefer, send us a WhatsApp on +27 741 727 327 and we can send you the application via WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal. 


If you have any questions, check out our FAQ section. But here's a quick overview:



  • Any MATRIC of 2023

  • Matrics interested in celebrating and marking the end of school differently

  • Matrics interested in connecting - to themselves, to others, to nature

  • Matrics interested in nature

  • Matrics interested in learning to navigate their own life

  • Matrics interested to meet new people

  • Basic fitness required but you don't need to be familiar with hiking. We've got you covered. Our guides are legendary.



  • Cederberg Wilderness experience is 8-14 DECEMBER 2023 (make sure you can make it before applying, and remember to check with your parents)

  • Application deadline is 20th November 2023

  • Year-long Supportive Transition Year - if you get a place on the Wilderness Experience you automatically become part of the community and have a place in this.


Okay, so you're ready. Our suggestion: don't delay. Get your application in today. Let us know why one spot is designed for you.

“I was not an outdoors person, and I also learnt that in the wilderness everything is so in tune, like the trees, the mountains, the cliffs, and the water.  The power, there is so much power, when you walk you can think things through so thoroughly so smoothly and you can actually come up with conclusion. Like you can be just there staring at a mountain and you’d be so free thinking, like you can go as far as you can...” 
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