“I was not an outdoors person, and I also learnt that in the wilderness everything is so in tune, like the trees, the mountains, the cliffs, and the water.  The power, there is so much power, when you walk you can think things through so thoroughly so smoothly and you can actually come up with conclusion. Like you can be just there staring at a mountain and you’d be so free thinking, like you can go as far as you can...” 

Azama yes_edited.jpg
Image by Yong Chuan Tan

"I didn't know the stars could look like this!!

That they could be this beautiful!"


"I learnt about myself,  interacting with others and that there are possibilities

in life, and what I do with mine, that I had not really considered before."

“I had to keep walking and in doing this, I learnt to stretch my limits, or rather, I learnt that my limits were far greater then I believed. I learnt that sometimes, in an attempt to be utterly

prepared, I could overload myself and hinder rather than aid my journey. I learnt in offloading, that others often value what you have more than you do. … I learnt that often, you find friendship with the people you least expect if you take the time to get to know them. I learnt that food and water, that represented rewards, always tasted sweeter when I had worked to get to them.”