WILD NIGHTS OUT is run on a scholarship system. This is done intentionally as it allows every young person to arrive on equal footing, no matter their socio-economic background. Matrics apply for a place on WILD NIGHTS OUT and have to write a motivational letter. Scholarships are allocated according to this motivation as well as a number of other factors.


WILD NIGHTS OUT was born out a desire to foster greater connection in young people as they are leaving school - with themselves, with others from diverse backgrounds and with nature. 


This is something different from the usual events where Matric's simply drink themselves to oblivion for a week on a beach somewhere – rather it is a real way to acknowledge achievement and support school leavers to learn how to navigate their own lives by walking into the mountains as a metaphor for walking into the unknown next phase of their future.

Many of our applicants come from challenging socio-economic environments and places are allocated from motivational letters written as part of an application. We focus on creating a balanced group with a mix of gender and participants from diverse backgrounds from across the country. 

As a potential donor we are happy to send you a full report from the previous events to evaluate the impact and scope of this project. Additionally we can send you a Tracer Study conducted by the University of Cape Town on the long term impacts of this project of school leavers.

A donation, small or large will take just one minute of your time but impact the life of a young person to envision what is possible for their future. Thank you in advance.

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