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WILD NIGHTS OUT is a 7-day 6-night experience in a wilderness area for Matrics to mark the transition from school into the next chapter of their lives, facilitated by a team of experienced nature connection and rites of passage guides. A group of 18 Matrics who have just finished writing their final exams walk into the mountains or wilderness space as a living metaphor for walking into the next unknown phase of their lives.

The programme invites youth who want to do things differently to the current "consumer culture" to apply for one of the 18 annual places. It is for those who want to explore what it means to be connected - to themselves, to others, to nature and ultimately, to come to recognise their own ecological identity - their belonging to the more-than-human world; it is for those who wish to inquire into what it means to follow their own path and  challenge themselves through adventure in wilderness.

Hear from previous participants about their experience of WILD NIGHTS OUT:
Matric Wild Nights Out
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After this Wilderness Passage phase there is an option for those who want to continue with the WILD NIGHTS OUT community to be part of a year-long Supportive Transition. Students are moving from school life into the wider world - a time of great change - and this period is supported through nature-allied mentoring, a vibrant peer network, internship opportunities, adventure activities and other nature-based experiences to deepen the lessons and discoveries that happened in the mountains. 


It is... life changing. 

"I learnt about myself, interacting with others and that there are possibilities in life, and what I could do with mine, that I had not considered before. I have never felt so free."

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