Shower in a waterfall • Swim in rock pools • Explore

Sunsets • Sleep under the stars • New friendships  

 • Beautiful nature  • Nap in the shade of a tree  • Be yourself

6 days in the mountains for Matrics from all over South Africa.

When: 9-14 December 2019

Applications close 18th November 2019


Every year we invite Matrics to apply for one of the 16 scholarships available, for a place on WILD NIGHTS OUT.


Come and do something different, dance to your own beat, follow your own path, to celebrate and mark the enormous milestone of finishing school.


Guided by a team of professional mountain guides, you will get to take some time out to reflect on the crazy Matric year, swim in rock pools, sleep under the stars, take restful naps in the shade of a tree, and hang out with amazing other Matrics from all over South Africa.


WILD NIGHTS OUT happens only once a year and is for Matric school leavers only. 


WILD NIGHTS OUT was previously called The Matric Enwild.

Check it out.

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